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indian classical music performing vocalist, classical vocal music artist, gwalior gharana, classical concert singer
indian classical music performing vocalist, classical vocal music artist, gwalior gharana, classical concert singer
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indian classical music performing vocalist, classical vocal music artist, gwalior gharana, classical concert singer Audio - Video Clips
Deti Saad - Swara Naad CD
deti saad - swara naad cd
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About Artist : Indian Classical Performing Vocal Artist / Vocalist

Dr. Neeta Anant Bhabhe, the young vocalist of Gwalior-Agra Gharana, Carries forward the legacy of musical talent, which she has inherited from her father as well as her maternal family. Dr. Neeta Bhabhe's father Mr. Anant Bhabhe has taken his initial classical lessons from Late Baburao Salvekar who belongs to KIRANA gharana. Apart from this, Mr. Anant Bhabhe has also taken classical lessons of AGRA gharana from Late Shripatshastri of Dhule. He got lessons in Tabla and Harmonium along with vocal music. Dr. Neeta Bhabhe has received great inspiration, Guidance and encouragement from her father.

The Whole family is into music. Dr. Neeta Bhabhe's mother too has good understanding of music and sings Light music (sugam sangeet). Dr. Neeta Bhabhe's brother Ajit Bhabhe is also an TABLA artist and has accompanied in many programmes.

Another great source of inspiration for her has been her maternal Grand Father; the late Shri. Y. S. alias Nanasaheb Apte, the founder-prop of "Lalkar", the well-known micro-phone company of Pune. Many big cultural events of pune, like "Geet Ramayana" of late Sudhir Phadke and "Sawai Gandharva Music Festival" always hired services of "Lalkar".

Dr. Neeta Bhabhe was brought up in musical environment, initially sown by her Grand Father; the seed of her talent was further nurtured by her father, mother and Grand Mother.

Dr. Neeta Bhabhe had her initial training under the guidance of Mrs. Vidyatai Pendharkar, and also participated in her institute's musical programs. In due course, Mrs. Latatai Kanade, the disciple of late Pt. Madhusudan Patwardhan of Gwalior Gharana, took over the task of tutoring Dr. Neeta Bhabhe in classical music.

Dr. Neeta Bhabhe was under the tutelage of Mrs. Surabhi Joshi, Smt. Maneesha Patankar and Mrs. Samita Bapat of "Saraswati Sangeet Vidyalaya", as well-known music school of more than five decades of pune, founded by Guru Sangeetacharya Late Dr. N. V. Diwan, till she completed her Visharad level.

Late Mr. Gajananrao Vatave was interviewed at the first conference of All India Senior Citizen's group held at Shrirampur (Dist. Ahmednagar). Immediately after this Dr. Neeta was given the honor to present songs in the light music category. Apart from this she has also sung number of Classical Songs and 'Natyageete' in various programmes held in many places.

Dr. Neeta Bhabhe received "Talim" of Gwalior Gharana from Guru Sangeetacharya Late Dr. N. V. Diwan and earned the degree of "Alankar" under his able guidance.

“Sangeetacharya”, the most prestigious degree of Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Mandala (ABGMM), was conferred on Dr. Neeta Bhabhe when she studied under Late Dr. N. V. Diwan and Dr. Mrs. Shobhatai Gurjar.
Dr. Neeta Bhabhe is active in musical field in the threefold capacity – she runs her own musical school, she gives musical concerts and also she works as an examiner of “Alankar” degree of ABGMM.
Dr. Neeta Bhabhe is also a great source of inspiration to up and coming talent. She has instituted and award in the memory of her late beloved Grand Father to encourage new talent in music. The name of the award is “Lalkar Puraskar”.

Educational Qualification :
  • M.A. History – Pune University – 1st Class
  • M.A. Indology – Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth Pune – 1st Class
  • B.Ed. – Pune University – 1st Class

Qualification in Indian Classical Music :
  • M.A. Sangeet – S.N.D.T Women's University, Mumbai – 1st Class
  • Sangeet Alankar – Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Mandal (ABGMM) – 1st Class
  • Sangeetacharya – Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Mandal (ABGMM) – The Topmost Degree

Mentor (Guru) :
Mr. Latatai Kanade – Disciple of Late Pt. Madhusudan Patwardhan of Gwalior Gharana. An excellent artist, she is well-versed in classical as well as Sugam and Natya Sangeet.

Sangeetacharya Late Dr. N.V. Diwan – Disciple of late Vamanbuwa Padhye (Padhyebuwa of Kolhapur) and Late Pt. Keshavbuwa Ingale, Received guidance from Late Pt. V.R. Athavale to attain the degree of Sangeetacharya.

Guru Late Dr. N.V. Diwan founded his own Institute of music "Saraswati Sagneet Vidalaya" in pune in 1952. This institute is affiliated to ABGMM, Mumbai and is a recognised centre for examination conducted by the mandal.

Guru Late Dr. N.V. Diwan was a great teacher, guiding the students of all levels from the initial grooming to the topmost stage of Sangeetacharya. Till date, he has tutored 750 Sangeet Visharads and 300 Sangeet Alankars. Many of these have schools of music of their own.

Guru Late Dr. N.V. Diwan was a will-appreciated concert singer. He knows by heart many a stylish compositions from little-known Raagas. Of course, his main focus is on presenting well-known popular ragas. Following the Gwalior system, he sings in Medium Rhythm (Madhyalaya). His presentation is replete with beautiful Bol-Alaaps and Bol-Tanaas. His mastery over Taranaas is very fast pace (Druta Laya) is well-known.

He was a Patron Member of ABGMM and and Honorary Member of many more prestigious institutions.
He had been as examiner for many years for Pune and Uarathwada Universities, as well as or Bharat Gayan Samaj, Gandharva Mahavidalaya of Pune and ABGMM.

Dr. Neeta Bhabhe is getting guidance from Pune's renowned TABLA artist Mr. Vijay Dastanye.